Developers, mining companies, government agencies (and in some cases the trust) need biodiversity credits to offset the impact of developments on the environment. Both property developers and landowners are required to hire an accredited expert to assess biodiversity that is damaged or preserved on development or property lands. This legal field is new and evolving rapidly. The study and creation of a website, compliance with your management obligations and the management of the sale and transfer of credits must be managed with care. Receive annual payments and manage the biodiversity management site (site). Our competent team of accredited BAM assessors has extensive experience in locating threatened species and evaluating plant communities with the most modern technologies such as camera traps, anabat, songmeters, data recorders and GIS. The use of this technology allows us to maximize cash credits and offset values for our customers. In addition, we offer comprehensive advice at all stages of site evaluation and management. The BC Act introduces a biodiversity compensation system (BOS) that replaces the old biobank system. In short, the BOS is designed to create a system for creating and selling biodiversity credits by landowners with environmental influences. The Stewardship report calculates a deposit that you must make in the Biodiversity Business Management Management Payment Fund (Payment Fund) for the day-to-day management of the site (deposit).

The payment fund then pays you planned management payments on the number of years set out in the stewardship report and by the Fund, and BDS can help you conduct an initial assessment and benefit-risk analysis to determine the viability and potential returns of a site. We can also help you get the best possible returns from a website when fully evaluating data, registering the management website and selling credits. Landowners who set up biodiversity conservation territory on their land generate credits sold to developers or landowners to compensate for activity at other sites. In addition, setting up land on your land, if done properly and in the right areas, can be lucrative. The Stewardship site is registered with the BCT as part of an Organic Health Promotion Agreement (BSA) and the site credits are registered with DEES and are then available for sale. Among other things (which are not already a reserve or are already protected), your country must include threatened species or areas of biobiological value that must be taken into account for an area.