The document, which determines how the DTI should be designated for a position and where it should fall into #26 #25 #24 the grid, was part of the classification standard for the groups, GS GS and HP until 2015, when it was repealed. 2. Workers who obtain employment between July 1 and December 31 will receive an increase in seniority from the second time, if they exist. 4.1.2 Wage levels are fully credited for experience in production, offshore drilling and catering companies. When ordering into the company, other relevant experiences, up to 3 years, are credited. The company will take into account the employee`s documented experience and verify the relevance of this experience and its scope. Other relevant experiences are tasks that resemble the tasks of the employee in his position. Past considerations must be taken into account in order for the credit for the same work to be as equal as possible for workers. The consideration must remain in the staff archives. If there is disagreement on the ground, it is necessary to follow what is recommended centrally or after the discussion in the Committee on the Standing Position. In addition to improvements to the group, various government-wide measures have been integrated into the colonies. These improvements included 10 days of paid leave for domestic violence, extensive provisions for care leave, extended parental leave and social benefits, and a broader definition of family allowing for a more flexible application of paid family leave plans.

The parties have different proposals for the duration of the revised agreement. The employer proposes a four-year period, while the PSAC argues for a three-year contract. The first agreement reached on 26 September 1974 between LO/Norwegian Seafarer`s Union and the Norwegian Association of Drilling Contractors was last renewed on 17 December 2009. As indicated at the beginning of this mandate, the employer conducted its own salary study for the SV group. The results of this study show that the remuneration levels of the OAS group are sufficient, which translates into the level of competitiveness and the employer`s ability to attract and maintain a sufficient number of workers. As a result, the employer sees no benefit in accepting another joint study. A cleaning contractor who has a certificate of apprenticeship as a cleaner will move to the super-ejaccent pay rate in pay group D. As shown in Table 8, the OAS group has had very few workers leaving the public service due to non-retirement, with the majority of groups declining for this statistic. It also shows that the federal government continues to offer attractive conditions, stable jobs and highly competitive wages, making it a coveted place to work.

On November 25, 2019, the employer and the bargaining representative agreed that these provisions should be applied only once and done during the PIC process for the PA group. This avoids unnecessary duplication in the respective bids for the four groups and limits the risk of different recommendations on the same topics.