Callan the Contract Cast: A Closer Look at the Actors Behind the Show

Callan the Contract is a popular British TV show that follows the life of a government hitman named David Callan. It`s a spy drama that first aired in 1967 and ran until 1972. Throughout its five-season run, the show gained quite a following, thanks in large part to its amazing cast.

The lead character, David Callan, was portrayed by actor Edward Woodward, who was already a seasoned performer at the time of the show`s production. Woodward is best known for his role in the movie The Wicker Man, as well as his work on the American TV series, The Equalizer. In Callan the Contract, Woodward excellently portrayed the complex character of David Callan, a man torn between his duty as a government assassin and his morals.

Joining Woodward was an equally talented cast of actors who brought their own unique perspectives to the show. The late Russell Hunter played the character of Lonely, Callan`s one-time ally and informant, while Anthony Valentine portrayed the villainous character known as “Toby Meres.” Another notable character was Cross, played by Patrick Mower, who served as Callan`s backup and friend throughout the series.

The show`s supporting cast was just as impressive, with performers such as Ronald Radd, Clifford Rose, and David Graham delivering unforgettable performances. Of course, one can`t forget the show`s guest stars, which included several notable names such as Alun Armstrong, George Sewell, and Kate O`Mara, among others.

Callan the Contract`s cast was phenomenal, with each actor bringing something special to the table. Their performances helped to capture the hearts of audiences and keep them coming back for more. Even now, years after it aired, the show and its cast continue to hold a special place in the hearts of fans.

In conclusion, Callan the Contract was a classic TV show that was elevated by its talented cast. Edward Woodward, Russell Hunter, Anthony Valentine, Patrick Mower, and the supporting cast brought the world of government assassins to life, making it captivating for audiences. It`s no wonder why the show has since become a fan-favorite, and even though it was ahead of its time, its impact on the TV industry can still be felt today.